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Sagittarius Total Lunar Eclipse: Rekindling the Flames of Hope

Experiencing a total lunar eclipse where city lights are absent, and the Moon brightens the land gives a visceral sense of the wild beauty and strangeness of this celestial dance of shadows and lights. It makes you more vivid grasp of the unpredictable, somehow unsettling, and intense energies that permeate our lives during these times.

Initially, one might wonder if the Eclipse is really happening. A soft, thin veil of greyness, muddling with your eyesight, seems to descend on the perfect, bright circle that the moon face is. I was in the woods, so all around, the forest is washed in a liquid silver-milk light, while the usual black road wears the likeliness of a light grey cape.

Then, a dark shadow from the left begins to creep up on the Moon's face, slowly, gradually, and steadily. As her light dims, the dark shadow on her face grows larger, turning into an almost black mask that envelopes her face. All around, darkness has descended, so much so that one needs a torch to see around. Every sound in the forest is amplified a million times in this strange and sudden obscurity. Gone is the bright Moon's face in the sky; she is now covered by a thick veil and taking on a deep, dark, "eclipse red" shade. Somehow unexpectedly, unveiled by the blackness, stars appear, seemingly crowning this mysterious red queen of the night sky.

Just as the shadow has crept up, so it slowly begins to retreat, like an ocean tide. Again, I found myself wondering if it was really happening …until a white sliver of Moon begun to boldly shine again, gracing the sky once more.

Enchanting and mesmerizing, over a few hours, the Eclipse cycle appears similar to the 29 days moon cycle: from Full Moon to a dark-red obscured Moon, seemingly like a new moon, to full again.

While we "know" that the shadow of the Earth eclipses the Moon, the darkening of the Moon is an unusual and strange event that disrupts the ritual dance of the Sun, Moon, and Earth. The Moon, a symbol for our capacity to notice our emotions and needs, memories, inner child, right eye (the sun being the left eye), is obscured and hidden. Likewise, eclipse periods feel intense, "off," unusual, surprising, often filled with unexpected events. Our sense of safety and stability might be challenged as erratic events happen in our world and personal lives. (This is so if the Eclipse is within 2 degrees from our personal points and planets. In this case, if the Eclipse is near 5 degrees of Gemini and Sag, and to a lesser extent to 5 degrees of Pisces and Virgo.)

On the one hand, hyper-sensitivity and tension, or hyposensitivity and tiredness or exhaustion, are likely to be experienced. Any type of self-care activity, grounding, breathing that strengthens your sense of the presence of this moment is beneficial. As the Moon is darkened, so we might feel less able to process our emotions, especially as startling realizations and shifts are likely, which require time to integrate.

On the other hand, the Eclipse in Sagittarius heightens all that this sign represents. It is a powerful time to explore this sign quality and harness them for our growth.

Sagittarius Teachings: Never Lose Hope

Like the element of fire it belongs to, Sagittarius symbolizes the eternal flames of hope that are never extinguished. Its warmth, wisdom, and optimistic outlook on life help us replenish our trust in the future despite the challenges, pain, and discrimination plaguing our world.

Half horse and half-human, the centaur grips a bow and points the arrow, shooting towards the unknown. In the journey, Sag finds fuel to its fire, sure that something good will come. Ruled by Jupiter, Sag is the archetype of the seeker, the traveler, the explorer of foreign cultures and lands. It is also the wise teacher or spiritual guide whose words and presence can uplift us, impart wisdom, and fill our souls with hope. You might wonder, who in my life is constellating these qualities at this Eclipse? Where inside my body can I tap in such wisdom?

Sag's shadow is the dogmatic preacher, racist, self-righteousness: trapped in the walls of outworn beliefs, this sign can lack humbleness and openness to other perspectives.

What keeps us trapped?

As a fire and cadent sign, Sag symbolizing the realm of religions, philosophies, beliefs, foreign cultures, and all that makes up our belief systems. At this Eclipse, it's crucial to notice where we feel stuck. Perhaps certain beliefs and mental schemes have turned into suffocating walls that prevent our light from shining. Paying attention and recognizing the parts of us that suffer can help identify some beliefs that are like gates that need to be opened. For those who have experienced trauma and might notice resisting the idea of change, you might simply recognize your body's wisdom and simply take small steps. Angela Davis's quote resonates with this energy. She writes that it's time "to turn walls sideways" so we can build connections and new perspectives.

Inviting the sparkle of Sag, it's helpful to engage in practices that rekindle our spirit of exploration. Whether it's small steps or bold gestures, they might at this time bring significant shifts.

Mercury Retrograde

"Sagitta," which means arrow, is likely to travel far and land in landscapes yet to be known. Its trajectory is propelled by the power of the Eclipse and Jupiter transiting in Pisces, planet representing the principle of expansion and growth, in aspect to Sun and Moon. Such configuration adds fuel to the vision of Sag, as well as a tendency to excessive behaviors. Mercury in Gemini is about to station retrograde in square to Neptune on May 30th at 24 degrees of Gemini. Mercury will also be conjunct the next solar Eclipse in Gemini on June 10th, and turn direct on June 22nd. The retrograde cycle won't be fully completed until July 7th, when Mercury will move past the degree of the retrograde and of the eclipse. This indicates that Mercury, the trickster, is likely to scramble plans, as well as hide crucial information, which might be relevant and revealed throughout the month of June. For those with planets in Gemini and Sag, Pisces, and Virgo, some pieces of the puzzles are missing and will be gathered over the next month.

Journeys of the Body and the Mind

Sag also represents journeys of the body and mind; learning from wise teachers, human or more than human, or from foreign cultures, can inspire us to go beyond our dogmas and beliefs. The word "sagire" originates "sagacious," describing someone knowledgeable and well-learned. And from the word "trajectory" which I like to use for the journey of the arrow, we learn that it is "the path described by a body moving under the influence of given force." The root word "trans" means "across, beyond, on the other side of, to go beyond." At this Sag Lunar Eclipse, you might ask yourself, what do I need to learn that nourish my hope? Where do I need to travel, close or far? What beliefs, fears, blocks, might be in the way from pursuing a fulfilling way of being in this world?

The energy is about rekindling our inner fire, trusting our wisdom, and move towards new directions. The Sabian symbol for 5 degrees of Sagittarius where the Eclipse is taking place shows us the image of "an old owl up in a tree." According to Marc Edmund Jones, it symbolizes the necessary element of steadiness needed in relationships and the importance of self-respect. Given the planetary configurations, it's wise to remember that we need to be in a steady and firm position before shooting our arrows, in full presence and awareness of our strengths, vulnerabilities and of our fellow humans and more than humans.

Thank you for reading this AstroThink report and sharing your feedback if you wish; they are very much appreciated.

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