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Aquarius Full Moon

Updated: Aug 17, 2019

A revolutionary and unpredictable astral weather favors breakthroughs and awakenings...and a pinch of generative chaos.

"When you reach for the stars, you are reaching for the farthest thing out there. When you reach deep into yourself, it is the same thing, but in the opposite direction. If you reach in both directions, you will have spanned the universe." – Vera Nazarian

"They are so out there!"

In English, these words describe people and ideas that are perceived as unconventional, out of the ordinary, perhaps a bit crazy. In various ways, those that challenge deeply held beliefs shared by the majority are somewhere "out," or "on the edges" from what is considered familiar and established.

Seen through the lens of astrology, these words fit perfectly, for the god symbolizing innovation, rebels, chaos, and liberation, is Uranus, ruler of Aquarius, that presides over the stars and sky, which is as "out there" as it can get! His name in Greek is Ouranos, which literally means "heaven and the sky."

And if you take some time to look up at night, in a place with no artificial light, you might sense the remote magnificence of billion stars lounging in the vastness of the dark sky. The sky is a short word to describe the infinite, and unknowable dimension we have looked up to for inspiration, guidance, through millennia.

This full Moon blooms a few days after the station of Uranus, amping up his revolutionary soundtrack. You might experience exciting breakthroughs, unpredictable events, new hopes, and visions for the future that clash with your existing ways of living. You might be, or might encounter, experiences that make you "see" life, love, yourself, your friends, your values differently. Harnessing this energy involves embracing being "out there," opening up to what shakes you up, in the spirit of Aquarius which reminds us we are all members of one large tribe living on this floating sphere. How you might review your positions and incorporate new ideas into your life, might vary depending on your particular situation. It takes strength and commitment to questioning your assumptions, and what you always thought was "true" or "right." Or perhaps, you are the maverick, the game-changer, the oddball shaking things up in your world and unraveling the old threads of "common sense." For those of you with planets and points in the early degrees of Taurus, Scorpio, Leo, and Aquarius, you might experience these days more intensely.

The light of the Full Moon shines brightly from up in the heavens and reminds us that from such heights, Aquarius brings the gift of new awareness by encouraging taking perspective. While we honor our feelings and experiences in the "here and now," we might imagine taking a trip up high and gather perspective on the landscape, on the paths ahead or the ones we have walked so far. In such a way, we may review our inner narrative and find new understandings that shift us out of our outworn habits.

As the Moon opposes Sun, Mars, Venus, Mercury in Leo, there might be opportunities to embrace our inner "lion," finding the courage to shred existing veils that blinded us. The inspiration that comes from new ideas might "breathe" new life into you, and your community, or groups you belong. Interestingly, the word "inspire" comes from the Latin "inspirare" which means "blowing into, breathing upon." Hence new relationships, friendships, or insights might feel like a breath of air that sparkle a fire in your heart, or rekindle the flame of love. (Venus conjunct Sun)

Solar Consciousness (Wilder Ranch, Santa Cruz, CA

A reflection is necessary on the emphasis on solar consciousness that humans of western culture have been tending to. The sign of Leo is connected with one of the hottest month of the year in the North Hemisphere. When the Sun is most visible, up in the sky at midday, the sunlight is often blinding and hot, drying everything up. Symbolically, this represents an experience associated with one point of view, and one state of consciousness, that one of daylight. One may never forget that the vault of the infinite sky appears as the Sun fades away, while life continues unfolding under the mysterious light of the stars and the Moon, representing other states of consciousness and perspectives.

Lunar Consciousness (Wilder Ranch, Santa Cruz, CA)

Lunar Consciousness (Wilder Ranch, Santa Cruz, CA)

Overall, challenge the "old ways" is the mantra of this Full Moon. In doing so, you might notice acknowledging your inner response, perhaps recognizing "that's new!" In whatever sphere of life you might experience such realizations, it's wise to embrace change to the degree you feel comfortable. For some, that are anchored to traditions or have experienced trauma, change is profoundly frightening, and patience and self-compassion need to be generously held in heart and mind. For others, it's an exciting opportunity, for some others that live on the edges of instability, it's a renewed sense of discovery.

Last, the Full Moon in Aquarius reminds us that we live in an interconnected, evolving, drastically changing the planet. It is essential to balancing our own "Leonine" needs for self-fulfillment as we acknowledge we live in relationships, and in an interconnected ecosystem comprising the human and more-than-human worlds.

“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.”- Rumi

Thank you for reading this Astro-report.

A gentle reminder about the nature of this post: this is a general description of the unfolding planetary weather. Please email me at if you are interested in a personalized reading based on your natal chart, calculated with your time, place, and date of birth. I will be thrilled to take you on the astrological journey exploring the ‘seasons' you are experiencing, and what is up for renewal in your own life.

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