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Magical Pisces Full Moon & Saturn station

The Pisces Full Moon moves us to magical dimensions and inspire us to nourish our souls and bodies. In this colorful mist, the station of Saturn presses us to make our dreams real, reminding us that commitments mean leaving something behind, dropping a note of blue nostalgia in the journey of life.

“Today I'm just a drop of a water and I'm running down a mountainside come tomorrow I'll be in the ocean I'll be rising with the morning tide…” (Lyrics from “Meghan`s Theme”, Adam Snow)

Shapeshifting and evanescent, enchanting, and magical… you may experience these ephemeral states when you tune in to the magic world of Pisces, a liminal dimension in between all that is and that is not, where the Full Moon blossoms this mid September.

The Moon goddess joins Neptune in his long journey through Pisces, as he comfortably lingers in the vast depths of the oceans, symbol of the source of life. We can't grasp this mysterious Piscean world, its wisdom glimmers in and out of our awareness, like beautiful ephemeral rainbows whose appearances leaves us speechless.

The energy of these days might constellate serendipitous events that pierce our heart with the power of a song we deeply loved and almost forgot. Suddenly, as we hear the notes, they touch our soul, awakening from a long sleep a swirling wind of emotions, memories returning like spirits asking us to step into the deep waters of our souls' longing.

The world of Pisces is like the shifting colors between daybreak and night. Words cannot convey the shifting deep blue of the sky lit up from the newlyborn sunrays… while a gentle pink appears low on the other side of the horizon… while darkness dries away like water, and bright shades return visible, almost in a celebration of precise shapes recognizable by our human eyes that see again what we name trees, branches, houses… In this in-between dimension, we are reminded nothingness is fullness, love lives intermingled with loss, dreams flow into illusions…we really cannot be sure… All we might have left is to bear witness to all the changes, as this full Moon calls for trusting the wisdom of "being," attuned to the many dimensions of consciousness we might float into, trusting the wisdom of the universe.

It teaches us to live in full presence, enjoying those moments of magic, when we are mostly porous to other dimensions and realms of existence, when the spirits speak to the heart, and nature speaks to the soul. But try not to hold on to it, it slips away from your hand, like Moonlight shining on the sides of the ocean waves. Remember that today you are a drop of water, tomorrow you'll be rising with the tide, and later you may be the fog draping the land with her untouchable presence.

Pisces calls us for experiences that transcend the limitations of our stiff daily life, and connect us with a sense of communion, that heals our soul and body, carrying us in other dimensions filled with acceptance and compassion. We may harness this energy for our spiritual and emotional growth, cultivate the messages that come to us through dreams and our spirit guides, dance to the music that we love, read or write poetry, meditate, and practice gratitude for whatever in our lives we may be grateful for. Cherish the time with community and friends, honor the life of the natural world around you, sense into this vast broad family of beings that we are all part of…and celebrate the water, the sea, the lake, and the ponds, the rain, the snow, for that is the element ruled by Pisces, in gratitude for this vital element and the creatures that inhabit this world, that we need to protect and respect.

If we notice that sorrow fill our hearts, Pisces energy reminds us that all continually transform and dissolve into oneness. All that leaves our life might return back again into other shapes, pouring fresh water once again.

Saturn Station on September 18th

This Full Moon is close to the station of Saturn on the 18th, the timekeeper that rescinds us from commitments and binds us to new ones. For those Libra, Capricorn, Aries, and Cancer, with planets between 10 to 24 degrees, and particularly around 13-15 degree, where Saturn is stationing along with the nodes, these days might feel heavy by the weight of critical decisions. Saturn principle of creation reminds us that our time in this bodily form is limited and that any choice we make is one that bears consequences and responsibilities. Time is not infinite in Saturn realm, and what we spend our time doing means leaving something else out. Saturn represents discipline and commitments, and any step you might take towards accomplishing what you have set your intentions on. The good manifestation of Saturn, (which is in a trine to the Sun and Mars, and in a sextile the Moon and Neptune) supports our steps. Saturn does not scream, does not punish, does not threaten, he/she simply holds a comforting hand on our shoulder encouraging us towards pursuing what feels more life-affirming and energy filling, especially if it may lay on the other side of fear.

This Pisces Full Moon awakens the full spectrum of emotions arising from our decisions. Perhaps it is confusion, perhaps it is a joy for the new road that might be opening up, or maybe it is a soft lingering blue, a note of nostalgia that like gentle rain washes the land of our heart that is preparing to close the door on the past. You might make space for all that comes up to the shore of your consciousness at this Full Moon. Maybe ask yourself what this yearning is about? What is this sadness about? Virgo's clarity helps us recognize with humbleness that which might be still wordless but very present in our felt-sense in our body. Pisces healing energy asks for compassion, acceptance, and unconditional love so that we might melt the pockets of ice within us, and turning them into endlessly flowing healing water.

For those with Gemini, Pisces, Virgo, and Sag, with planets and point between 13 and 19 degrees, you might just feel this Full Moon very intensely too. You might feel confused about your hopes and dreams, and what moves you in your life. Imagine being on the beautiful coastal beaches in Northern California: we are walking on the sand, in a Summer day, and we are fully immersed in a thick grey mist, barely able to see the ocean to the left, the rocks to the right, and the sand just under our feet. We walk few more steps, and suddenly all is sharply clear and bright, the Sun shining on the glittering emerald blue sea, as the warmth rays feel like a hot balm and above us is a clear blue sky. These opposite states coexist next to each other; they seem a mirror for this 3rd square between Neptune and Jupiter, that started in January. As they meet one last time, we might finally come to terms with our sense of truth, as we discern what might have felt surreal, confusing, and where we might have deceived ourselves, and how to best navigate such extreme states. As we have encountered situations that felt polarizing, that made us questions our beliefs and intuitions, we might now slowly be able to accept them with more grace and acceptance. We may recognize that otherworldly dimensions of consciousness are just on the other side of a regular, sunny, Summer day.

As I wish you all a healing and magical Pisces Full Moon, I leave you to the inspiring poetry of Sanober Khan to inspire us all:

" I could lie starfish-spread in the sands for hours just lie there until… twilight comes

or until my sadness…begins to float into soap bubbles and balloons until my soul is permanently perfumed with the sea…

or maybe I could sit beside an old friend, in an old park, pouring myself in alternating flowers burst of joy and sorrows…

but for the greatest comfort of all…I could just wait… until the world is tucked in…for the night until the moon…is cool on my cheeks and then quietly, caress… a stranger`s poem…in my arms and whisper, “you just saved my life.’

(Sanober Khan, passage from “Pursuit of Comfort” in Turquoise Silence)

Thank you for reading this astro-report. Please keep in mind that this is a general description of the upcoming and unfolding planetary weather. To know more about yourself and the ‘seasons’ you are experiencing and what is up for renewal in your own life, you are welcome to reach me at for a personal and more accurate astrological reading based on your natal chart, calculated with your time, place and date of birth. Couples readings are also available. You may also give the gift of self-awareness to friends and family so that they can navigate this season with greater clarity and awareness. Please reach out to for gift certificates. I refer to the more-than-human species with the pronouns “she” and “he,” rather than “it” as I consider them being equal to humans rather than objects.

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