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Aries New Moon square Pluto: Fire up your Courage and Authenticity

Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, is known for taking action with courage and enthusiasm. Aries flames are fed by times of crisis and new endeavors, which in turn fuel this sign energy. Aries time corresponds to Spring, when the natural world is blooming and buzzing as well as with birth. This sign's sound is the primal scream, announcing to the world that " I exist!"

Fire, the element Aries belongs to, calls for pure presence; it burns and exists in the present moment. There is no thought of time, just a sense of action and expansion which symbolizes its courage and its “ready, set, go” attitude. Fire is fed by air and matter, it transforms them while releasing light, heat and smoke. Fire can destroy too, when running uncontrollably and fanned by strong winds pointing at the impulsivity of this sign.

The new Moon in Aries, conjunct Venus, with Mercury and Chiron in Aries as well, constellates a strong Aries energy. As the beginning of a new cycle, the time is right for setting our intentions and taking action, springing forward with enthusiasm. We might sense in our bodies that inner fire that propels us to dare, or we might encounter this energy in our lives, depending on where the new Moon falls in our charts. But the presence of Pluto, in a dynamic aspect to Venus, Sun, and Moon, show us that we are likely to be confronted and challenged by the mighty god of the Underworld, the principle of decay, ending, death, and rebirth that underpins life on Earth. While Aries instills us courage to initiate and start fresh, Pluto forces us to reflect on the deeper reasons for our actions. We might ask ourselves: what are we in need to sense and integrate? Is there maybe grief, or old values that we need to face as we chart our course of action for this month?

On an inner level, old hurts, secrets, grief, fears, shame, might come to our awareness. It might feel as if suddenly, we were brought down to open the door of an old room, in the basement of our house, forgotten through time. We thought we could just start renovating, painting a new, starting a new project, and suddenly we are stopped in our tracks. We might feel pushed, or saddened, or in need to confront what was hidden and unearthed at this time.

But with Aries warmth and courage, the time is right to open the door and welcome those unseen parts that reside within ourselves, that Pluto is constellating. Perhaps we are meeting grief, loss, and sadness after a year of the pandemic that we might have pushed away in favor of the narrative of "going forward no matter what." Or perhaps we meet the rage and anger arising in response to injustice and oppression, shocked at the intensity of our emotions. Or maybe, we might tackle a project with an otherworldly commitment of a Plutonian kind, breaking the existing molds that shape our way of acting and relating. Or perhaps, we questions what really matters to us (Venus), especially in regards to love, relationships, and values. Are they still relevant? Are we leading from a place of hurt and vanity (shadow side of Venus) or destructive rage (shadow side of Aries)? This new Moon invites us to recognize false ideas we have for ourselves, and re-discover what is truly authentic.

Feeding our Inner Fire

If you feel inclined, the time is right to pause, to remember that a door is opened for the unseen and unwanted to emerge and be recognized, and for breaking the mold of old habits. It might help write a list (Mars disposing of the new Moon is in Gemini) and imagine burning them onto a real or imagined fire. In so doing, we feed the dead weight to the fire for transformation. We might burn away our false sense of selves, our old priorities, old band aids we have used to hide our true selves. The bright light of this fire is likely to begin to slowly giving us a new pair of eyes that show us a new world. The air flows free again in the old room, as the Aries energy provides us with the courage to initiate what feels most genuine and authentic to ourselves. We are burning away dead leaves, branches, and limbs; we plow the places in our inner gardens where the soil feels like a rock for new seeds to be planted.

This process will keep on unfolding as Venus and Moon are an exact square to Pluto on 4/11, the Sun will be in an exact square to Pluto on 4/16, and Mercury on 4/17. A new peak of intensity will color the time in the days preceding 4/27, as Pluto will station retrograde at 26 degrees of Capricorn, just a day after the Full Moon in Scorpio.

For those with planets between 22 and 27 of the cardinal signs, Aries Capricorn, Cancer, and Libra, this lunation and the next couple of weeks might offer profound opportunities for transformation. The time might intense, for these transits are following Saturn's journey in 2020 that might have manifested with endings and new commitments. The planetary weather suggests that foundations that have been laid last year might need to be tested anew and re-envisioned again.

All that is being initiated at this new Moon carries a groundbreaking quality. We can harness the Underworld's transformative energies as we can count on Aries courage, strength, and enthusiasm and dare to break the old mold and be reborn anew.

Thank you for reading this AstroThink report and sharing your feedback if you wish; they are very much appreciated. Please take what resonates with you as this a general description of the unfolding planetary weather. To know more about yourself and expand your consciousness, get clarity on the seasons you are navigating, and charting your path ahead, please reach me at to book your personal astrological reading based on your natal chart.

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