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The astrological reading is a one-to-one consultation that focuses on the analysis of the birth chart of a person. The chart is calculated according to the time, date and place of birth. Technically, it represents the position of the ‘planets’, including the Sun and the Moon which would not fall in this category otherwise, at that particular time.
The chart is map of symbols, it  portrays different aspects of ourselves, similarly  to a set of fluid characters that I like to call the "committee". They represents our  qualities, drives, patterns of behaviors, strengths and conflicts, both conscious and unconscious. 



A reading last one hour and fortyfive minutes.


Readings are held via skype, telephone or in person in New York City or occasionally in Milan, Italy.


To schedule  an appointment and for further information please contact:




As human beings, we constantly change and evolve, just like the Seasons. The  reading helps understanding in which cycle we are in our life. For example is it Spring and a time of blossoming and growth or is it fall and a time of letting go and retreat? 

There are times in our life when we experience frustration, conflicts, and struggles. A reading helps understanding the quality of that time, or in other words, its meaning and purpose so that we can better deal with times of change. In Nature, leaves fall so that new ones will be born in Spring, just as much as the Sun sets and when it rises again, a new day begins.  Astrology is rooted in the idea that everything in the  Universe interconnected, so these metaphors allow to anchor our life, happiness, sadness, joy, love, struggle in the world we live in. At

the same time, astrology allows to  understand our own growing process and how we move through phases of growth.


The chart also shows the many ways each person is unique; there are parts in ourselves that are sometimes in conflict with one another as well as strengths and gifts. Knowing ourselves helps us integrate all these different aspects in a more harmonious way, and understand the purpose  of our journey in this world.

I would say that,  if life is a journey, a reading allows to look at one`s life with a bird`s eye perspective, it is an enlightening trip that allows to look at the unfolding road of life from above. It gives a different perspective on our inner world, and how a person`s past is connected with the present and it is aimed to raise our self-understanding and that of others fellow human beings.







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